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We created this company for YOU! Our core mission is that you will do LESS and make MORE! Given you the ability to finally see success in your online business.

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What Is This?

myLeadConsult™ is a "High End" Email Marketing & List Building service, the difference between us and the rest is, we created a formula to qualify the leads, eliminating all the unwanted leads !

Each and everyday people purchase "Solo Ads", " Pay Per Click" and other forms of Traffic. The main problem with that is, they don't have time to effectively GROW A BUSINESS.

So we created a service that handles all the "FRONT END EFFORTS" and eliminates the learning curves you would have to overcome, without us!

Now instead of learning how to generate traffic, create landing pages, test and tweak. We manage the entire thing on our end and deliver only Top Quality Leads.

Who We Are.

Developed by 7 Figure Top Internet Marketing Experts, myLeadConsultant services have been previously only available to “Rich Guys” as we spend millions on research & development. With this new wave of service, we believe even the “Little Guys” can achieve success in their business. Allowing you to focus on your Core Marketing rather than having to overcome information overload or even having to educate yourself on funnels. As List Building Experts, we wanted to create a way for YOU to build a list of BUYERS, not just info seekers.

Never before has such a powerful product been offered by a partnership, with a combine 30 years of Marketing and Networking. In the early stages of what is now called “myLeadConsultant” the entire formula was being built for their own use only. Creating an endless funnel that would systematically determine if a “Lead” could be formulated and tagged inside a funnel to see "if & when" they would buy a product or service. Over the years, they’ve sold List Building Services to other Leading Experts, but this needed to be something NO ONE HAD DONE BEFORE.

Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is an effective way to build a working relationship and improve brand recognition with your customers. You can reach them at home, at work, and even on the go thanks to mobile and tablet devices.

Properly thought-out and executed email campaigns can generate a measurable flow of traffic to your INTERNET properties. They can also educate customers about your success and others. In the case of e commerce sales, email marketing is the perfect way to let your customer base know about sale opportunities, get them prepared for seasonal product launches, or inform them about popular new brands.

Email campaigns can be designed specifically to meet your unique goals and cost only pennies per recipient to deliver. Once a standardized template has been established it’s as easy as choosing products or news to feature in your publication and Metric will handle the rest. Once your campaign is complete, a detailed accounting of it’s performance is delivered to you. This report tracks new and lost subscribers, email message opens, and specific clicks. If you have an e-commerce site, Metric offers precise tracking of revenue vs spend, so you know exactly how profitable your email campaigns are.

In Other Words, Email Marketing Is The Fastest Way To Make A Passive Income!

Why Our System Will Change Your Business, Fast!

No Front-End.

With any List Building "system" or "Funnel" you'll need to have a website, landing pages, squeeze pages and a ton more things that you need to learn. Most people understand how to convert sales, but lack the knowledge of conversions on the front-end. We've eliminated the need for a front-end.

Less Money Needed.

Our clients enjoy less initial investments into their Lead Generation and List Building efforts. Most failure is caused by the unknown conversion rates to get a sale or even the amount of money need to get sales. We've eliminated the need for "HIGH END FRONT BUDGETS".

We're Here For You.

When you become a client of ours, you join a company that is focused on your success. We continually push our teams to better our systems and develop new ways to maximize ad budgets. You'll reap the fruits of OUR LABOUR, rather then losing your own money testing "ideas".

...Not Just You!

We're all "Online Marketing Professionals" so this isn't just something that we sell, we use it too! You can sleep easy knowing you have real people, working with you on your projects.

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